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Please Read This before you schedule an appointment!!!


Medicare patients need to talk with me before scheduling.


Welcome to the wonderful world of Online Scheduling.  This makes it so you can make an appointment anytime you want.  It also means that I don’t have to answer the phone and can spend more time with you during your appointment.  Win/Win!!!


All you have to do is read the information on this page and then click on the

button here or at the bottom of this page (or go to Healing-Chiropractic.Genbook.com if you can’t see the link… smart phone users).  This will take you to my online scheduler.  Once you go there you can bookmark that page and bypass having to come to this page every time you want to book your treatment.                


Please note that I work Saturday and not Wednesday.  Also, if you are a new patient, choose the New Patient Exams option and plan to be there 20-30 minutes ahead of time for paperwork.  If you are late then I will try to still see you and at least do your exams, but I may not have time for a treatment right then and may have to ask you to come back later that day or the next.                       


For Acupuncture or Nutritional consults you must call and we will set those up.     


For scheduling issues we have had I have made a couple of changes to make patients happier.  I have expanded the hours earlier and later, as you will probably notice next time you schedule, and opened up Friday and Tuesday for people.  That should make it so more people can get in.  The other problem people were having was getting into their appointment on time.  To help with that I have made it so that if you are more than about 5 minutes late for your appointment I opened it up so you can see when the next appointment is.  Even if that appointment is in 10 minutes.  Then you will have one of two options.  One is to get a quick adjustment right then and just get the basics taken care of.  The second is that you can look at the schedule and see when the next open spot is that day and just wait or come back for it.  As always I do not charge for late or missed appointments or rescheduling.  I simply ask that patients don’t abuse this leniency. 



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(or go to Healing-Chiropractic.Genbook.com if you can’t see the link)

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