Dr. Adam Baumgardner


Please Read This before you schedule an appointment!!!

Medicare patients need to talk with me before scheduling.

Welcome to the wonderful world of Online Scheduling.  This makes it so you can make an appointment anytime you want.  It also means that I don’t have to answer the phone and can spend more time with you during your appointment.  Win/Win!!!

All you have to do is read the information on this page and then click on the

button here:

(or download the booksy app and search for Healing Chiropractic Hands.)  This will take you to my online scheduler.  Once you go there you can schedule as a new patient, see prices and read reviews from my patients.  After today I suggest you download the app mentioned above so that you can schedule easily and change appointments as needed.

Please note that I work Saturday and not Wednesday.  Also, if you are a new patient, choose the New Patient Exams option and make sure to fill out the paperwork ahead of time.  Look for the new patient forms in the confirmation email.  Be alive a few minutes early if you are late then I will try to still see you and at least do your exams, but I may not have time for a treatment right then and may have to ask you to come back later that day or the next.

Click above to get feeling better!