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Mental Health and Physical Stress

English: Upper Yosemite fall with reflection

The mind and body are not separate. They reflect each other! (Photo credit Mbz1)

Integrated Practices for physical and mental health

Many are surprised when they find out that Dr. Barbara Baumgardner and I work together on many cases of Stress, Depression, Anger and Mental Health.  They often will say a ‘Psychologist and a Chiropractor working together… how does that work?’  It isn’t really that confusing when you understand that mental health can also be a reflection of physical health.


One excellent example of this is that of hormones. Low thyroid hormone can lead to depression.  Lower sex hormones can lead to a loss of libidoHaving high levels of the hormone cortisol during a stressful time can lead to lower production of neurochemicals like serotonin, leading to loss of self control, or Dopamine, making you feel less satisfied or loose interest in things that you used to find joy in.


Pain is a big motivator for people.  It can also modify their behavior.  Next time you see someone stub their toe try to have a calm, rational conversation with them!  Sometimes people have dealt with pain or physical stressors like a blood sugar issue for so long they don’t even recognize the need for help.  They don’t know why they are angry or unhappy with their lives.  They just are!

Psychosomatic Stress



Classic example: Japanese woman experiencing real stomach pain due to stress (Photo: tototo)

Many don’t know that we hold stress in our bodies.  Psychologists have recognized for many years now that mental health issues can manifest in a very physical way.  This is not imagined, but a real physical outcome.  This can manifest as high blood pressure, digestive distress, or even muscular complaints.  These are not things that can be imagined up, but are a real sign the the brain is in charge and if it is stressed it will show in the rest of the body!

What I can do

Because of the number of patient referrals from Dr. Barbara I have felt the responsibility to go and learn how I can help support the body in its effort to deal with these types of issues.  I approach these cases with a combination of care that might include:

Through aiding the body with the pain, psychosomatic issues, and hormone balances in this way we take much of the physical stress off of the patient.  They are then able to focus on their mental health and see much greater progress.  


It is always a pleasure to work with patients who want to become, not only mentally healthy, but also physically healthy so that the work they do is much longer lasting and effective.  It is certainly easier on their pocketbook in the long run!

Coming Soon!

As my patients know I’m constantly adding to my knowledge of how the body works and how to heal it.  Often I wish I had a way to keep patients who don’t have to see me as often updated on new information and new services I can provide for them.


Here Comes Facebook and Twitter!  Through these I will be letting my patients know about new information, things we are doing in the office and giving tips on how they can stay healthy.  Sometimes it will be little bits of advice that can fit in a tweet and sometimes it will be a link to the Fun Stuff page as I add new things here.  It will all be good information so Friend us and start learning the Fun way!!!

Hello New Website!

This is a brand new website!  My old website can still be seen for a few days at http://healingchirohands.com/files/

 To book appointments click on the Appointments tab above.

 Please understand this is all new and I’m trying to weigh the need to keep information available to my patients with the need to Proof read:)  If you find problems or… spelling errors (ouch!!!) and it really bothers you please leave a comment!  I will change it right away.  Otherwise I will get to it as soon as I can!

 Otherwise Enjoy the new site.  There will be new stuff regularly so keep checking back!!! :)

Thanks to all those who came to my in house health talk.  I think we all had a good time, ate some tasty (and healthy!!!) treats and learned the 6 Keys to staying healthy.  If you missed this last one come to the next one!  I’ll be doing it again in 4 weeks (the one two weeks from now is full!!)  You will learn the main things you can do at home to stay healthy and happy:)  Don’t miss out.  It is FREE!!!

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