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Dr. Baumgardner has helped my husband, our 5 kids and myself. He’s helped with our food allergies, our back and neck problems and even adjusted our baby. He cares about our family and always gives us the care that we need. We always refer him to our family and friends. I am so thrilled to finally find a doctor who not only can help us when we’re in pain or having health problems but who cares about us. His treatment plans are easy to follow and he’s very reasonably priced.  – Patient Response to GenBook Review Query


Dr. Baumgardner sure knows what he’s doing. Nothing could touch my headaches but he figured out the underlying cause. Now, I’m headache free. I’ll be going to him for a long, long time! – Find a Pro Review   They are an absolute expert in the field. I would never feel unsafe or apprehensive in their care. Not only were they able to provide everything they promised me, they went above and beyond and exceeded my expectations. They put in the extra effort to make me feel valued and important. They’ve given me a ton of nutritional and lifestyle tips. They know how important it is for my recovery. They make an extra effort to communicate with their patients, and even updated me every time I visited about where I was at in the recovery process and how much progress I had made. It was encouraging to know how much recovery I was making at each appointment. – Review   Dr. Baumgardner is wonderful! The first time I went to him he diagnosed the hip pain I lived with for years…even though I was in for an acute neck pain and didn’t mention I ever had hip pain! I had been to a primary care physician, massage therapists and another chiropractor for the problem and they just blew me off. He thoroughly explained the cause and then fixed it! Since then he has continued to amaze me with his seemingly “psychic” diagnosing ability and his great talent for healing. – Patient Response to GenBook Review Query   If you would like to leave a review of Dr. Baumgardner’s care feel free to leave a comment below and I will be more than happy to post it!

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  1. Deb Holton:

    I am always seeking out great health care partners – you know the kind I mean – the practitioners who really listen to what you are saying, who hear beyond the words and see beyond the surface, and ask really great questions to help you get at the ROOT CAUSE of what is happening, and then KNOW what to do to help you CREATE HEALTH, not just manage whatever the symptom is. I am not looking for pills or pixie dust, and I am willing to work at it. I just needed a health care partner who could give me a road map and the tools to get there. I have found an incredible one in Dr. B!!! He helped me identify what needed to change, and then outline strategies for making that happen. He empowered me by making ME a part of the healing process. Using chiropractic, accupuncture, nutritional supplements, and some targeted strength and stretching work, as well as some postural exercises, Dr. Baumgardner got me headed in the right direction. We keep adjusting and adapting what is needed, and I keep working at it faithfully, but I am FINALLY headed in the right direction, and picking up speed! Thank you Dr. B, for restoring function, health, and hope!


    I’m from Japan decided on a trip to America to visit Dr. Baumgardner. Because of the results I decided to go back again for an extended trip to get more treatment.

    I went to many doctors in Japan, they gave me various exams and almost every time they said “It is stress, we’ll give you medication to ease your symptoms” that’s why I felt no use going to the Medical doctors. The first time I went for treatment for the lower back pain but one of the causes was disfunctioning of the internal organs, also I had significant improvement with allergies, menstrual pain, floaters, irritable bowel syndrome, stomatitis. Dr. Baumgardner captures even smallest symptoms as an important sign then he uses many techniques, methods to treat the cause of the symptoms.

    I also had some pain in my back for a long time but he didn’t even touch the back and take all the pain away in only a couple of visits.

    I learned importance of the suppriment/nutrition from Dr. B
    I had a chronic stomatitis, Dr. B provided both very helpful information about how I face stressful situations, better diet, steps to be a real healthy life both mind and body.
    He prescribe the suppriment that turned out to be just what I needed at that time, I was surprised as I had tried many kinds of suppriment but this was my first experience where it actually worked more than my medication.

    Pain on my heal didn’t really bother me so I thought I don’t have to tell him but I mentioned it to him once and he did cranial work and the pain was gone!

    It also turned out when the physical symptoms were from a psychological cause, he never said, “Please relax and live” as doctors in Japan had. He carefully examine using acupuncture techniques, and actually reduced my stress for both mind and the organs.
    He explains where the symptoms come from and treated and balance my emotional needs as well.

    I have to add here about his personal character as well, I had many experience that some of the doctors I went gave me unnecessary treatments and prescription drugs that costs me a lot.

    I finally found a doctor that I can completely trust. It depend on the situation or the symptoms but if he said I need a test or a take suppriments, he really mean it
    Most of the time when he can fix in one treatment he’s always on his best!
    Sometimes I feel he’s naively honest.

    I can consult with him no hesitation at all. Even a smallest things he will listen and provide thorough treatment.