Dr. Adam Baumgardner

Zerona-Z6 Weight Loss

Looking for a way to target those inches in your stubborn area?  Need to supercharge your weight loss?  The Zerona-Z6 is your answer!

Before I get to the laser I would like to share some information…

I’m going to surprise you with a fact about Obesity and then talk about the laser.

There have been several studies that looked at the effects of Obesity. Interestingly enough Obesity by itself doesn’t shorten lifespan that much.  Just about a year shorter when you look at the big studies on it.

What does happen with obesity is a huge decrease in quality of that life.  Here are the things you get with Obesity:

  • Diabetes (now you have moods swings and have to stick yourself with needles)
  • Heart Disease (now you can’t do your favorite activities without fear of death)
  • Cancer (Chemo sounds fun right?)
  • Stroke (because who wants to be able to walk and talk and all that?)
  • Inflammation (think pain… affecting sleep, vacations, play, all that)

One last one that just came out in a recent study on August 5th 2019

For all these reasons I know my patient need to get the extra inches off so I kept looking for things that could be done in addition to exercise and diet.

Lets talk about ZERONA-Z6!

First a fun video you can watch on what happens with the Zerona

Clinical trials showed loss of 6+ inches over 6 weeks without the addition of diet and exercise!  People ask me if it works.  Well I wouldn’t have bought the laser if it didn’t.  I tried one out and after three treatments over the course of 9 days I lost 4.25 inches where I pointed the laser!  Now I did it with diet and exercise, but I haven’t ever lost that quickly.  I got those results and went out and bought the laser and now am sharing it with my patients.  

                    My price is to low to advertise because of a competition contract I signed when I bought the laser… I can say my price is it is WAY less than Liposuction and a fair amount less than Coolsculpting. It beats those out anyway as you don’t have damage to your body with Zerona-Z6.

If you want to find out more shoot a text saying

Zerona Consult to (623)866-3995

Let’s get thin and healthy people!