Zerona-Z6 Weight Loss

A lot of people come to me for pain… I get that so why did I buy this expensive laser that helps with fat loss?

I’m going to surprise you with a fact about Obesity and then talk about the laser.

There have been several studies that looked at the effects of Obesity. Interestingly enough Obesity by itself doesn’t shorten lifespan that much.  Just about a year shorter when you look at the big studies on it.

What does happen with obesity is a huge decrease in quality of that life.  Here are the things you get with Obesity:

  • Diabetes (now you have moods swings and have to stick yourself with needles)
  • Heart Disease (now you can’t do your favorite activities without fear of death)
  • Cancer (Chemo sounds fun right?)
  • Stroke (because who wants to be able to walk and talk and all that?)
  • Inflammation (think pain… affecting sleep, vacations, play, all that)

One last one that just came out in a recent study on August 5th 2019

So why do I care about weight loss for my patients?  Now you know.  They come in in pain, slow to heal, depressed with many health issues.

Lets talk about ZERONA-Z6!

First a fun video you can watch on what happens with the Zerona



          If you are interested in the Zerona shoot me a text saying “Zerona Consult.” Once we have done that (the consult is free) I’ll have you come to a group chat (also free!) to talk about the science behind the zerona and my own work on what to do to truly make it effective so you get the most bang for your buck.  Even if you aren’t sure about it you are welcome to come to this to get more information.



          I’ve been using my FX635 for weight loss already. It has been time consuming as it takes twice as long with the FX so I just didn’t have time for it to happen quickly. It did work amazingly well for me and family who were willing to try it. (My usual Guinea pigs!) That is why I was willing to bite the bullet so we could all do it.

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