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Genetic Testing

The Genetic Testing that is available today is amazing!  We are seeing all kinds

Genetic Testing gives a wealth of information, but what it actually tells you is often misunderstood!

of new opportunities for understanding open up.  There is some misunderstanding about how to look at it though so I thought I would lay out some basic guidelines that I use in looking at Genetic Testing.


First you need to know that genetic testing tells you what will happen easily.  Not what will happen.  My favorite nutrition instructor has horrible genetics when it comes to his cardiovascular system and blood pressure.  That means that without some serious effort he will have high blood pressure and will most likely die from cardiovascular issues.  Here’s the thing though… he gets tested every year and has the cardiovascular system of an 18 year old!


Genetics only tells you what you need to focus on. Not what will happen.

Why doesn’t he have an issue?  He knows where the weakness is in his system so he makes sure to do what is required to keep that part of his body healthy.  That is the advantage of it.  It tells you where you need to be strict and where you don’t have to worry as much.


A new area that also has started to make serious strides in helping patients is the new Genetic Testing for medication response.  Dr. Barbara, with whom I practice, has recently started to do this with patients who have difficulty with side effects and lack of positive response too medications.  What this test does is it tells you which pathways are open and which aren’t.  Essentially telling you what your Genetic type will respond well too and what it won’t in terms of medication!


The field of Genetic Testing is a brand new one and one that has many new problems to be overcome.  Recent companies like 23andme are exploring this

Test tubes don't tell you who you are. You decide that!

and bumping heads with the government as they try to figure out how to regulate it.  The main thing I think we need to realize though is that while Genetic Testing gives us a key to understanding… it is how we treat our bodies that ultimately determines our quality of life.


You are really the one who is in control.  Don’t let anyone tell you differently!  

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