Dr. Adam Baumgardner

My Favorite Healthy Smoothie!


With the right ingrediants a smoothie can be healthy and taste good!

Rushed for time?  Looking for a quick breakfast that won’t leave you hungry or tired later?  Feeling like the summer heat is getting to you?  Here is my favorite healthy Smoothie!


Before I give you the ingredients I should say that this is a very forgiving recipe and if you are rushed for time there really isn’t a need for exact measure… in fact I never measure!  You will figure out quickly if you make this a few times that you like more peanut butter or maybe less yogurt… play with it until you like it!  If you like it post it on the facebook page 😉


Also on a side note.  The cold foods we eat do impact our bodies in a certain way.  If we are overly hot they can have a wonderful cooling effect.  It does take extra work for the stomach however and effects the actions of the cells in the stomach that digest our foods.  Also from an acupuncture standpoint the stomach’s function is very important to the pancreas.  For this reason if you have acid reflux or blood sugar issues cold foods might not be for you.  Also as the all the nutrients in this smoothy are easy to digest it is ok for the food to be cold.  I wouldn’t, however, drink a Smoothie and then try to eat a steak right away!

Quick and Cool!

Healthy Smoothie Recipe:

2-3 cups of ice

1 medium size banana (organic of course)

2-3 table spoons of plain organic whole yogurt

2 table spoons of organic unsweetened peanut butter

1 scoop Micellar Casein protein powder (not whey if you don’t want to be hungry after)  You can buy this hereI don’t add any sweetners or flavorings.  I just get the protein and make my own stuff.  Tastes better this way!

2 scoops powdered KAL brand stevia (to avoid the stevia aftertaste)

1 table spoon organic flaxseed oil

Empty one capsule of Natural Factors brand Ultimate Probiotic 12/12 formula


Blend it all up and enjoy!!!

Macro Ingredient Ratios Balanced!


Having a balanced ratio of carbs/fats/proteins is good for keeping blood sugar from droping and stressing your adrenals! (Four-rocks-balance by Daliel Leite)

As an added bonus it is balanced in ratios of carbs/fat/protein and has 7 grams of fiber to boot!!!  If you want a Healthy Smoothie that doesn’t leave you hungry afterward this is a must!


Grams of Carbs            =37g

Grams of Protein          =37g

Grams of Fat                 =37g

Grams of Fiber              =7g